Financial and business management systems for medium sized and larger businesses

MYOB Enterprise Solutions designed a fully integrated financial and business management system specifically for medium sized and larger businesses. It’s modular design supports Finance, Customer relationship management (CRM), Job and Project Costing, Accountant's Assistant, Point of Sale, Fixed Assets, Serviceable Units, API, OnTheGo Mobile Application and Intercompany, these can be packaged up to ensure the final solution for your company is a perfect fit.

EXO Business will enable you to manage your information in an efficient and organised manner, gain complete visibility across your organisation and will assist you to make quick educated decisions essential to the success of your business.

Who's it suitable for?

EXO Business is perfectly suited to medium and larger businesses that require:

  • A large number of users across multiple locations
  • Better control over the general ledger
  • Easy to understand management dashboards that reflect how your business is performing
  • Advanced stock management across all locations including serial & lot tracking, style/colour/size and bill of materials
  • Fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Importing of stock from overseas suppliers
  • Jobs and project management
  • Assembly of goods
  • Management of sales orders, supply chain and customer invoicing
  • Solutions to improve customer quote and order process and assist sales staff OnTheGo

As your business grows, so does its complexity. EXO has been developed in modules to ensure that we can deliver you a solution that will fit perfectly today, with the ability to adapt to your needs tomorrow.

Click here to see the EXO Business Modules.